With the breath of history and sea breeze

Story of the house

       Lizete Kreicbergs and Jānis Dambekalns (resting in the cemetery across the road) built Ausekli between 1920 and 1929. The Dambekalni family were ship owners and ship builders owning 21 sailboats from 1877 to 1908. Jānis and Lisette's children were also educated and high achievers. Fricis, as a certified ship captain, went on long voyages and crossed the seas and oceans of the world. He also was a commander in the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet and later founded the Riga Port Police and was also the head of the Port of Riga.
 The second son Jānis ended his life in exile in Siberia, while the youngest son Indriķis worked in the postal and telephone auxiliary department of Kaltene, which was located in Ausekļi. The middle son Heinrich with his young daughters Malda and Gunta fled across the sea to Sweden in 1945

       Until 1945, there was a household goods store in the premises of the current Post Office apartment in Ausekli, later it became Kaltene library as well as Kaltene post office until the beginning of the 21st century.



It was once the honor of the owners, now two spacious rooms with windows facing the sea, where everything old has been preserved, starting from the old window frames, to the solid floors and round corners...

A charming studio-type apartment, where you can watch the reflection of the moon in the sea from the bed. An authentic home with reference to the site's historic post and telegraph role…

Otrā stāva apartaments jūs pacels pāri ikdienai un horizontam. Plašs, gaišs un  mājīgs, ar senatnes elpu un mūsdienīgām  ērtībām. Apartaments, no kura šķitīs, ka jūra pieder tikai  jums…

For those who want to be undisturbed and to themselves, a cozy garden house with all the comforts, equipped kitchen, spacious bathroom and sauna will be the best choice…


       Who does not dream of a house by the sea? So did I, whose mother and relatives came from a sea-side village and whose childhood was spent by the sea. The house is a dream come true, and it was found by a chance while offering translating into Swedish services to the seller, when the buyer, who had already been firmly agreed, suddenly refused to buy the house. Fate! After seeing it for the first time, the house captured my heart. There was no peace of mind neither day nor night until the nearly impossible was done and the house was bought. Unbelievably, the impossible became possible be-cause we wanted it so much.
       We are a big, hard-working and sincere family - Krūmiņi, in which everyone will take care as one to carry on the story of Ausekļi with honour and allow the guests of the house to experience their special moments.





800m long, well-maintained nature trail, where you will learn about birds living in Latvia and migrating birds - two viewing platforms and a tower for bird watching all year round.


Purciema White Dune

Pūrciem's White Dune is 20 meters high and is in Roja county – Pūrciems. Paths, boardwalks and rest areas have been created here. The area around the dune is linked to its primeval nature and history, as the first Stone Age settlement was found here...



In the section of the old coast of the ancient Litorina Sea from Kaltene to Roja, large accumulations of stones can be seen on the surface of the ground in the forests. They are found in the form of ramparts and stone pavements.



Experience the sea and its variability by taking an active walk to the nearest villages – Valgalciems (6 km) or Roja (5 km). At the destination, have a meal or buy fish and go back.


SUP boards

Boat and SUP board rental SPURA is only 5 km away from us. You can paddle along the picturesque Roja river, but you can also choose to have the paddles brought to you and go on sea trips.



Only 5 km away in Roja, there is an opportunity to boat along the picturesque Roja river, but you can also choose to have the boats brought to you and go on sea trips or get to know another river.



We will gladly reveal to you our local pearls, where to get local delicacies and other goodies - fish, bread, honey, and other delicious and beautiful things